From the beginning of SEO business, link building has been one of the prominent and stable tactics for the expansion of search rankings. Studies have shown constant strong correlation between quality and quantity feature of coming links and search rankings. Certainly, earlier the trouble was quiet less because of few rules and rare Google penalties. Possibly, you could create links by any method you wanted to, so long as you will create bunch of them, you would notice your site is moving up in results. Now a days Google keeping strict eye on link buildings and so there is drop in its popularity. All credits for this effort go to repetition of Google’s Penguin update. Practically, I still think that link building is a feasible long run tactic but it is essential to adapt into a modern system. If you will not stop believing into the  old-style ideas of link building than, this will surely lead to three issues that are mentioned below –

  • Google will crack down harder

  • The Internet will become the worse place

  • Link Building will earn a worse reputation

Google will crack down harder:

If public will continue to follow the wrong method of link building, Google will announce and will moderate the consequence of links as a way of additional ranking feature. This will probably lower the importance of links, comprising the useful links.

The Internet will become the worse place

People, who are unaware about the link building, built the links that can be harmful for the internet. They clutter up debates and comment portion, and causeall links to look bad.

Link Building will earn a worse reputation.

Very soon, the status of link building will fall off, and very limited people will want to work with it. However, helpful in eradicating the competition, but the condition might be that very less people will participate actively and try to give importance to their communities.
For easing all these effects, I would like to go in detail with some common misconceptions often seen in link building.

  1. You need quantity as much as quality-

    No you don’t. This misconception has been in existence from a long time. It has been quite a while when quality has gone over quantity. However, if you talk about now, the gap is bigger than ever. No big search engine like Google gives anything about how many links you have but how many of them are from unique sources and how high qualitied those links are. It is as simple as 1 good link outweighs 100 lower quality, bad links.

  2. You need to make every link manually

    When there were old days of SEO, the sentence written above was true. Then, posting links in comments, forums, article directories, and many other places used to bring hits on your website. Story is little different now as now people do it for you. What you need is one piece of quality post that can be anything like good article, video, which people like to share. Ultimately, quality will earn you dozens of links.

  3. You are penalized on link building

    I know that Google have a set of strict rules with spammy and manipulative links but that never means that Google will ignore all your links. Even if it does, that doesn’t means that you will also get penalized over this. Until you do something terribly offensive or egregious, you will have a safe link building. Just try keeping your links from genuine quality sources and avoid spammy practices.

  4. Link building is independent

    Content marketing can be both independent and relating to SEO. Whereas, link building is a strategy never considered as independent strategy. You will fail undoubtedly if you’ll try building links independently for rank building. Focus more on good content then rely on it for links.

  5. Link Building is links only

    Building links is a part of Link Building but it should not be focus of link building. Google, with growing power of rank building everything, detects the company names.